Welcome to Narvik 2020 and the FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championships!

The championships will take place from the 5th to the 14th March 2020 in Narvik. For an athlete taking part in the Junior World championships, this will be an important competition, if not the most important competition so far in the young athlete’s sporting career.

On 19th November 2018, the Norwegian Skiing Association chose Northern Norway and Narvik as Norway’s candidate to host the Alpine World Championships (WC) in 2027. The Junior World championships will be a very important event for us in our quest to be nominated as host in Northern Norway for the 2027 WC for seniors.

The Championships are one of the largest in the world for juniors, and in total, there will be around 600 visiting athletes and entourage from 50 nations, staying in Narvik during the 10 days of the championships. There will be competitions in all disciplines slalom, giant slalom, super G and downhill. Some of the world’s best young skiers will be standing at the start gate!

Preparations in advance of these championships and Narvik 2020 are well under way and a special company for the event, Narvik Alpint AS, has been set up. Narvikfjellet AS, Narvik Slalåmklubb and Alpin VM 2027 AS each have one third of the shareholding in this company.

The Club’s leader, John Kristian Eriksson says that the club is highly motivated as the organiser of such a large event.

  • On behalf that the club, it has been extremely exciting to been chosen to host the Junior World championships in 2020. This will be a provisional test with regard to a potential nomination of a World championships in Narvik, and I am sure that the club and everyone involved will again show that we can arrange such an event at an exceptionally high level. It is motivating for the club to have such a central role in this process and we will do all we can to promote this event known far and wide, beyond the town’s borders, says Eriksson.
  • It is important for Narvik and Northern Norway to return to the map of hosting venues. We know we can organise a great and spectacular Championships say Erik Plener in Narvik.
  • Narvik has a fantastic arena and a long history in alpine skiing.
  • We’re heavily investing in Alpine skiing in Narvik. This is a fantastic opportunity for Norwegian Junior alpinists to compete at the world championships on home ground says the Sports Director for alpine sport in Norway’s Skiing Association, Claus Johan Ryste.