Almost at home

Looking for a local favorite in the championship? Meet Mariell Kufaas (21).
The Tromsø-girl feels she is at home when she competes in all disciplines during the Junior World Championships in alpine skiing in Narvikfjellet.
Mariell is the only North Norwegian participant and represents Tromsø Slalåmklubb. Mariell is well known in Narvik. This is where her family originated. Down at the nursing home in town, proud great grandmother Asbjørg sits and watches what’s happening in the mountains above her.
– We are a real skiing family.  My great grandmother has two sons, and both Torbjørn and Olav, who are my grandfather, have been keen on skiing, Mariell tells.
It is therefore no wonder that the 21-year-old from Tromsø, who has participated in a number of major championships all over Europe, loves to compete in Narvik.
– I’ve been in Narvikfjellet many times before. Also on Ankenes. As a young alpine athlete, I ran technical disciplines in various championships in Narvik approx two times a year. That is why I am well acquainted with the slopes here and the alpine environment, she tells.
Have you talked to anyone of the practitioners from the other countries?
– Slightly. They comment on nature. There are not many places in the world you have a hill that goes down into the city and almost to the sea. It seems many are special and “beautiful” goes back in the descriptions.
Today Mariell starts as number 33 in the Super-G. Watch it live on our stream: