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JWSC Narvik 2020 – Sustainable event policy

Sustainable event management has high focus. Key factors are environmental responsibility, social responsibility and economic viability throughout the planning of JWSC.

The event has its own environmental check list for carrying through the event.



  • The administration and relevant persons have knowledge about sustainable events through the “handbook of sustainable events and festivals”
  • We are familiar with the municipality’s “guide for organizers” (guide – work in progress)


  • We focus on green purchasing
  • The event focuses on change of behavior by informing and involving the audience
  • When selecting partners and collaborators, their environmental focus is an important factor
  • Preferred suppliers are Eco-Lighthouse certified or has a strong environmental focus


  • Rent rather than buy when appropriate
  • The purchased products are Eco-labeled
  • Suppliers are required to take packaging in return
  • Disposable items are limited to what is most needed, and we have considered purchasing eco-labeled or compostable disposable items where needed (e.g. food service)
  • Promotional materials and t-shirts are made so that they can be used again next year (e.g. without annual figures)
  • The products lifetime is assessed against price


  • Fixed current is used wherever possible
  • Diesel generators have particle filters
  • The audience gets to see creative ways of charging
  • Led lighting is a preferred choice


  • The transport needs are mapped to interconnect and prevent unnecessary transport
  • The public transport offer is easily accessible to the public both before and during the event
  • The public transport company has been asked to cooperate regarding transport to and from the event


  • Locally produced food and goods are prioritized
  • Organic food will be used as much as possible
  • We have been careful in calculation the amount of food, and will not make more than needed


  • The waste is sorted as much as possible and will eventually be shipped to the local waste disposal
  • There are good routines for continuous cleanup of waste, and enough garbage cans
  • Volunteers are committed to picking garbage and being environmental agents
  • A disposable mortgage system has been created
  • Unnecessary sources of litter/waste are minimized. Helium balloons and confetti are prohibited